Carrington Coleman’s employment lawyers help clients handle today’s workplace issues and prepare for tomorrow’s as well. We counsel a wide range of employers in terms of size and industry. Crises, challenges, and questions are addressed in real-time with calm expertise and a practical approach. When businesses face employment-related charges or lawsuits, we vigorously defend them throughout the United States.

The Carrington Coleman Employment Law team is highly skilled and tightly integrated. We pride ourselves on being a help, not a hindrance, to solving problems. We staff leanly, and with easy access to partner-level knowledge on a full range of issues – discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims, wage/hour collective actions, and non-competition/non-solicitation claims. We prepare a wide variety of employment-related documents such as employment, severance, and stock option agreements.

Seeing Around Corners

Thanks to the broad scope of our experience, clients also benefit from our ability to anticipate what’s coming. Whether the issue is the unique employment law challenges that come with remote workforces, ever-changing laws, or the effect of broader societal changes, we make sure our clients are informed, prepared, and ahead of the curve.

A Georgia Fortune 500 Company

Client Issue: A basic, relatively minor mistake in recording employee time led to an expensive wage and hour claim that included, potentially, hundreds of thousands of dollars in plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees.

Approach: Because the real risk in the case was the possibility of exorbitant attorneys’ fees, we worked to resolve the case quickly.

Outcome: We were able to resolve the case within six months, on advantageous terms for our clients and with a minimum of attorneys’ fees.

Areas of Focus

  • Harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims
  • Wage and Hour Issues
  • Executive And Key Employee Compensation
  • Stock Option Agreements
  • Employment, Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements
  • Executive Severance Agreements
  • Workforce Reorganizations
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Workplace Policies, Training and Handbooks
  • Employment Class Actions
  • ERISA, Benefits and Compensation Matters