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Fiduciary Duty Litigation

A breach of fiduciary duty claim asserts that an individual has failed to look out for the financial interests of someone he or she was obligated to protect. Such claims can be asserted against directors and officers who allegedly fail to protect shareholders’ interests, but can also be brought against guardians who allegedly did not look out for their wards, partners who advanced their own interests at the expense of the business, or advisors who allegedly took advantage of a client’s or friend’s trust and confidence. We have asserted and defended against such claims, and countless other instances of alleged breaches of fiduciary duty. We approach the filing and defending of these cases, which often are extremely personal, with great sensitivity. If the dispute is the result of a misunderstanding, it often can be resolved in the early stages, preferably before a claim has been filed. If early resolution is not possible, we have the experience to litigate these matters to their ultimate conclusion.

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