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Construction & Real Estate Litigation

At Carrington Coleman, we tackle every construction or real estate dispute with a goal of helping our clients preserve value in their investment or transaction.

Construction Disputes: Our construction attorneys handle virtually any type of construction dispute, from power plant failures to delays in installation of building systems. Our experience allows us to both efficiently handle the smaller matters and effectively overcome the unique challenges of major construction disputes. We have successfully litigated disputes regarding schedule delays, construction defects, cost overruns, labor inefficiencies, material defects, payment bonds, performance bonds, mechanic’s liens, design errors, and much more.

Construction disputes often end up in arbitration or mediation, and we have a thorough understanding of the various arbitration rules applicable to the construction industry and understand the different strategies in trying cases to experienced arbitrators versus a judge or jury. And when our work for clients takes us to the courthouse, we understand the technical issues well enough to make it simple for judges and juries who may have little experience with construction projects.

Real Estate Disputes: Carrington Coleman’s real estate litigation group handles all manner of real estate disputes, including issues of, partnership control, purchase and sale, lending, land development, condemnation, leasing and land use. Our broad range of clients includes purchasers, sellers, owners, cities and municipalities, developers, lenders, brokers, landlords, and tenants. When the deal goes south, or there are unexpected issues related to our clients’ real property, we have real estate litigators ready to assist our clients in resolving their disputes efficiently and effectively, whether in state or federal court, arbitration or mediation. Whatever the problem, we achieve results with a creative, aggressive, no-nonsense approach.

In partnership with our transactional lawyers, our construction and real estate litigators bring expertise to every stage of the project or transaction. Our team has decades of experience, meaningful academic and real-world credentials, and the ability to understand your problem and seize every opportunity.

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