In an intensely competitive business environment, navigating the myriad challenges facing professionals and their service firms requires excellent business and legal acumen. The very best legal assistance gets you the very best results when you’re facing problems—or trying to avoid them in the first place. Whether you’re looking to start and grow an organization, protect it in litigation, or stay compliant with regulations, our team has the knowledge and experience to clear a smooth path forward to fulfilling your goals.

Whether you’re an individual professional or a member of an organization, if you find yourself embarking on a new venture, involved in a lawsuit, or the subject of an investigation, our team will meet with you to learn about your situation, craft a strategy to address it, and guide you through it every step of the way. We regularly help lawyers, doctors, executives, insurance brokers, architects, and accountants—as well as their firms, institutions, and businesses. They entrust us with a wide range of sensitive issues, from professional malpractice claims to fiduciary duty disputes to trade secrets cases. In fact, some of the largest and most prestigious law firms and healthcare providers rely on our adept counsel and advocacy, but we’re just as pleased and prepared to assist individuals and to handle smaller matters.

Applying Legal Strategies, Lifting Emotional Burdens

We understand that you as a professional want to focus on what you do best—your chosen vocation. Establishing and running a business is a complex process. To get optimal results for your hard work, you usually need business knowledge beyond the scope of most people’s experience. That’s where we come in. Our lawyers enthusiastically help clients launch commercial ventures, foster smart growth, and preserve their valuable reputations.

Whatever your circumstances, our team of highly regarded attorneys can help. We handle almost every issue a professional or professional services firm can encounter, including ownership disputes; employment, discrimination, and wrongful termination issues; severance deals; and drafting, interpreting, and amending partnership agreements. And, if you’re feeling intense pressure from a legal or medical malpractice claim, errors and omissions matter, or officer and director issue, we’ll provide more than excellent legal guidance—we’ll give you peace of mind.

How We Work

As professionals ourselves, we understand our clients’ needs and concerns because we have encountered similar pressures. Our team works to handle your matter by giving you the range of extensive experience and deep knowledge of a large firm coupled with the nimbleness and client service model of a boutique firm. We think that’s truly the best of both worlds. With our cost-effective, appropriately staffed approach, you reap the rewards of some of the best legal minds in Texas while simultaneously avoiding bureaucracy, redundancy, and inefficiency.

If you need supplemental expertise from outside our group, our firm’s lawyers span a spectrum of legal areas, and our colleagues are always more than willing to help. Collaboration is sewn into the very fabric of our firm. In other words, we offer one-stop shopping and a holistic approach to resolving your problems and disputes. And, no matter your crisis or conflict, you can count on us to act with the highest standards of ethics and integrity at all times.

A Prominent Dallas Attorney

Client Issue: A prominent Dallas attorney served as outside counsel and on the board of directors for a privately traded company that ultimately filed bankruptcy. The plaintiff’s bankruptcy trustee sought over $27 million from the lawyer and his firm, claiming that the lawyer breached his fiduciary duty and had a conflict of interest resulting from his various roles with, and investment in, the company.

Approach: Given our breadth of experience with D&O and attorney liability claims, as well as bankruptcy proceedings, we were able to navigate the various courts, claims, and insurance policies to successfully defend the case.

Outcome: We first successfully moved to withdraw the reference to bankruptcy court so that the client could have the opportunity for a jury trial in federal district court. We then filed and won a motion to dismiss based on statute of limitations.

Primary Contacts

Areas of Focus

Professional Malpractice

If allegations of on-the-job negligence or malfeasance surface, we’ll fight for your best interests, including throughout any trials, sanctions hearings, or disqualification motions.

Business Formation, Development, and Dissolution

Whether you want to start your own practice or firm, grow it intelligently, or close up shop, our team will provide the knowledge and direction you need to succeed at every stage.


We work hard to make sure you stay on track and stay true to your fiduciary and other duties while accomplishing your business objectives.

Employment Litigation

When a workplace dispute arises, our attorneys will advocate for you vigorously in settlements, alternative dispute resolution procedures, or courtroom trials.

Non-Compete and Trade Secrets

Our team will provide you with optimal protection in this dynamic business landscape.

Officer and Director Issues

When high-level executives come under scrutiny, we offer the best possible representation.