Even companies with the highest operational standards and strongest commitment to vigilance and safety encounter product liability and personal injury claims.  Such litigation can deal a costly financial blow or even threaten the life of your business. For this type of lawsuit, you need lawyers with deep experience, first-rate advocacy skills, and knowledge of your company and industry.

Recognized by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers in America® as a “Tier 1” law firm in Personal Injury Litigation, our team delivers all that and more. In representing you around the negotiation table or in the courtroom, our team works vigorously to resolve your case favorably so you can do what you do best: manage and grow your business, provide good jobs, generate profits, and provide the healthcare services and products that improve people’s lives.

Our trial lawyers are well-suited to represent you on complicated, high-stakes cases. While some lawyers shy away from high-risk lawsuits, our team embraces them. We fully understand the legal theories and types of injuries and products that are germane to this dynamic, litigious area. You also benefit from our ability to combine a proficiency in technical matters with the extensive trial experience we have in this area and in general litigation. This convergence gives us a decided advantage in achieving optimal outcomes while serving you as efficiently as possible.

Taking the Best Approach for You

Our clients in this area are varied—we represent both healthcare providers and clients who manufacture, distribute, and sell an array of products across multiple industries. The many diverse companies we serve range from Fortune 500 corporations to smaller enterprises – all of which bring different objectives to their litigation. Some want us to secure a quick and silent settlement and others ask us to advocate aggressively at trial. After our team examines your case and lays out viable options, we guide you to the best approach for your business and can take whatever course of action you choose. As the public record shows, we bring to our clients strong legal skills and a willingness to take a case to trial and try it well.

Crafting and Conveying Strong Narratives

Our attorneys know how to analyze nuanced, complex issues, construct creative strategies, and marshal the facts of your case through the prism of the law. We generate compelling and cohesive narratives early in the litigation process, which often convinces opposing counsel to settle the lawsuit on favorable terms for our client. Our team also has a history of getting claims dismissed early because plaintiffs failed to comply with the statutory requirements or plead and prove a case with legal merit. If taking your case to trial proves to be the best route to take, we present the sequence of events and facts persuasively with clear, concise language that connects with juries and judges in federal and state courts. Simply put, our lawyers distill technically complex issues into understandable terms. In addition, we take pride in our ability to relate to people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Both Perspectives; Outside Help; Knowledge of the Courts

Although we primarily represent clients on the defense side of litigation, we have also successfully represented plaintiffs from time to time. In handling your case, we can draw on this dual-perspective insight, which enables us to effectively anticipate and defend against the strategies of the opposition. You also benefit from the different perspectives of the professionals in our vast network of experts – engineers of all types, scientists, medical specialists, economists, and others – whom we can call upon for assistance. Additionally, because our lawyers have years of experience representing clients in Dallas-area courtrooms, we’re very familiar with the judicial systems and decision-makers at all levels, including in the appellate bench.

How We Work

Collaboration: Our team works very well together and has done so for a long time. We reject the “silo” model of practicing law and engage in cooperation by bouncing ideas and strategies off each other. We also rely on attorneys in practice areas across our firm who can provide support that most product liability and personal injury firms simply don’t have. Often we can get answers to questions outside of our areas of expertise with a single, quick phone call with a colleague. For example, insurance matters often arise in these cases. Carrington Coleman is fortunate to have a partner who is an award-winning insurance coverage lawyer and can communicate effectively with insurance companies to address coverage and other issues related to the underlying lawsuit. This capability provides you with great value.

Surveying the Landscape: We closely and continually monitor regulatory changes, judicial rulings, and technological and economic developments in your industry. Our team works hard to anticipate changes that may affect you before they actually manifest.  When we learn something, we let you know ASAP.

Product Distributor

Client Issue: Our client was sued for serious injuries allegedly sustained from products sold by our client. The client did not manufacturer the particular product, but sold the allegedly dangerous products to the plaintiff’s employer.  Our client did not believe there was coverage for defense of the lawsuit.

Approach: In addition to vigorously defending the lawsuit on the merits, we assisted the client in working out insurance coverage through its own insurer and invoking contractual coverage from manufacturers of the various products without damaging the invaluable business relationship between our client and these manufacturers.

Areas of Focus

Our attorneys bring extensive experience litigating a wide range of claims involving an array services and products. They include but are not limited to:

  • Medical malpractice (in medical surgical hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and other institutions)
  • Serious personal injuries and wrongful death
  • Medical devices
  • Defects claims

The Firm has successfully defended and tried personal injury claims involving millions of dollars in economic damages—including significant past and future medical expenses and past and future lost earning and reduced earning capacity.

  • Economic loss
  • Farm equipment- The Firm has successfully tried and defended claims against a major farm implement manufacturer in lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries.
  • Oilfield and pipeline equipment- The Firm has successfully tried and defended lawsuits involving death and significant injuries.
  • Toxic materials- The Firm has successfully tried and defended numerous lawsuit involved alleged toxic torts—including asbestos, silica, and various other chemicals.