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Grounded in the legacy of Marvin Sloman, Carrington Coleman’s appellate group has long been recognized as among the most capable and effective in the State of Texas. Marvin was a recognized pioneer of Texas appellate practice and one of the nation’s foremost practitioners of the appellate arts. Led by Marvin’s example, our appellate lawyers continue to pursue a standard of uncompromising excellence—doing things “the right way” and working exhaustively to find the paths most likely to persuade courts of our clients’ positions. Made up of former federal and state law clerks and attorneys board-certified in appellate law, our appellate group shares decades of experience arguing to courts of appeals across the state and the nation. We are well-equipped to address appeals in any forum.

Of course, today’s appellate practice means more than pursuing and defending appeals, more than writing a good brief, crafting a persuasive turn of phrase, or finding just the right answer to a judge’s question in oral argument. Although our appellate group does all that, and does it well, we also provide trial support both to lawyers inside the firm and to other lawyers who seek us out for that assistance. On jury charges and charge conferences, questions of error preservation, complicated motions before and during trial and after verdict, pursuing appellate relief prior to final judgment by way of mandamus or interlocutory appeal, and any of a variety of other challenges trial lawyers face, our appellate lawyers stand ready and able to help—not only to secure the right result at trial, but to help protect or achieve the right result through appeal.

Practicing Attorneys

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  • imgStephanie F. Assi
  • imgNeil R. Burger
  • imgJason M. Katz
  • imgMonica W. Latin
  • imgBrent M. Rubin
  • imgTania Sethi
  • imgBrian P. Shaw
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