Our public entity clients are a unique lot. Not only do these dedicated professionals possess a different mindset, but there is a distinct nobility in their efforts. As trusted stewards of taxpayer dollars, the potential impact of their actions is a huge responsibility, which necessarily factors into all that they do. We recognize and honor that. Lending our strengths in construction, real estate, public-private partnerships, and economic development, Carrington Coleman helps our clients grow and change our communities, for the better.

We make deals happen and consistently solve public entities’ toughest problems.

Adding our mind and muscle to yours

We partner with municipal law firms and government attorneys, meaningfully complementing their significant day-to-day efforts. When they get thrown something new—such as new government funding allocations or hundreds of pages of new regulations they must learn and act upon immediately—our significant resources offer a welcome refuge. City attorneys know that complex real estate joint venture deals or loan transactions as a way of getting public incentives for development are our particular niche, which is why they so often bring us in as an adjunct.

We’ve built a solid reputation in construction deals and disputes

Our team also directly represents public entities in the construction of major infrastructure such as highways, bridges, airports, rail, and other significant public facilities. But without sacrificing sophistication, our efforts can easily be scaled to assist municipalities or administrative entities of any size, with projects of any size. From procurement, through contracts and even dispute resolution, public entities’ general and inhouse counsel know they can rely on us to effectively handle every aspect of their public construction and development deals.

At the top of our toolbox rests a keen understanding of how private deals and negotiations get done. This stems from our work with numerous private owner developers, large subcontractors, and lenders. In our view, public entities deserve the same best-in-class representation that a Fortune 500 companies demands. And you will find that at Carrington Coleman.

We won’t ‘over-lawyer’ you. We don’t need to.

Neither too big nor too small, we offer that “just right” blend of experience, bandwidth, agility, and political savvy. This allows us to offer our public entities clients truly elegant solutions—but at a real value.

We are also your neighbors, part of the same community, right here in North Texas. This keeps us invested—literally and figuratively—in you. Most of us grew up here, among the major construction and infrastructure projects that make up this region. They are tangible manifestations of your work—and ours—and we couldn’t be prouder of or more passionate about either.  

Primary Contacts

Areas of Focus


We can assist with all of your transactional needs, including contracts and leases, acquisitions, dispositions and divestitures.

Construction and Infrastructure Development

We have significant experience in shepherding development projects, including public/private partnerships, through every phase. This includes such major projects as water treatment plants, rail and airport facilities, energy projects, and other public projects, hospitals, and government buildings, but also projects of smaller size and scope.

Dispute Resolution

From contractual disputes, to conflicts over design and construction defects, breach of warranties, schedule delays, or cost overruns, we can meet all of your dispute resolutions needs—including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Government Funding Allocation

We have assisted a number of public entity clients with the appropriate allocation of COVID-relief and other government funding.

Insolvency Work

We have significant experience in guiding public entity clients through workouts and insolvency matters, including those related to municipal bonds.

Legislative Matters

Continuously monitoring and anticipating legislative developments for our clients, we help them prepare and to be optimally positioned. We strive to ensure that the voices of our public entity clients are heard as clearly as those of their private counterparts.