Whether it’s litigation or a transaction, Carrington Coleman’s Financial Services practice provides industry clients with sophisticated, experienced, and knowledgeable legal representation, without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. We get what clients need done, done. A broker-dealer FINRA arbitration that needs to be handled efficiently? Done. An intricate financing structure developed? Done. We think, and work, like sophisticated problem-solvers – because we are.

Bloated teams produce bloated work. Whenever possible – and it usually is possible – we staff projects and cases with lean, highly experienced teams. Everyone knows what’s going on, everyone is hands-on, and this approach produces work that’s more nuanced, closer to the deal or matter, and in the end, more cost-effective. Less bureaucracy, less distance means better thinking and better results. Small, smart teams are the Carrington way.

Providing Confidence in an Uncertain Market

In today’s volatile financial markets, clients can face unprecedented risk. Venture capital and private equity funds need to deploy cash, for example, but are targets for litigation from unhappy investors. Our clients, who include banks, and broker-dealers, need savvy, focused and forward-thinking guidance. We work to help clients manage uncertainty, and its attendant risk, by structuring transactions with appropriate disclosures, readying clients for possible litigation in advance, and helping quantify, and minimize, the exposure that’s the flip side of opportunity.

Morgan Keegan

Client Issue: Clients accused an investment firm of conspiring with hedge funds to help them short stock.

Approach: We focused on an aggressive pretrial motion strategy to reduce potential damages.

Outcome: A series of motions proved very effective in limiting the scope of the case.Damages were reduced from billions to tens of millions of dollars, and the case was very favorably resolved.

Primary Contacts

Areas of Focus

  • We represent clients in all forms of financial services litigation, including both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Representation of and negotiation for clients in FINRA arbitrations, litigation, and investigations.
  • Lending and loan documentation, including representations, undertakings, transfer provisions and negotiation of terms and security.
  • Negotiation and strategy for loan workouts and debt restructuring.
  • Assisting clients with all phases of fund formation, including private placement memorandums, subscription agreements and partnership agreements.