Clients tell us they retain, refer, and rely on us because our multidisciplinary team of Sports Law attorneys offers extensive individual and institutional knowledge combined with creative, cutting-edge legal and business strategies. By regularly advising clients on all aspects of business, business transactions, as well as in commercial disputes and litigation, our firm has long-standing experience in assisting clients with a variety of issues relating to the business of sports.

Wide Array of Matters, Broad Client Base

Sports Law comprises a wide range of legal areas and subject matters that converge in unique ways. In our national practice, we provide you with counsel and representation on the full spectrum of issues that arise in the dynamic and fast-paced sports industry. Our team of attorneys draws on decades of experience, diverse skill sets, and deep wells of knowledge in all aspects of the sports industry: from commercial litigation, business transactions, and employment concerns, to issues that surface in emerging technologies, including virtual tokens and blockchain technology.

Because the sports industry touches so many people and businesses, our lawyers advise a vast array of clients. We have served professional and collegiate athletes, coaches, agents, teams, leagues, colleges, financial institutions, intellectual property licensors and licensees, media outlets, marketing companies, sponsors, governmental agencies, and every other individual or entity involved in disputes, transactions, and other matters in the industry.

Serving You Is a Team Sport

First and foremost, our lawyers partner closely with you every step of the way for each matter you encounter. You also benefit from the wisdom and experience of the many professionals in our extensive network, both inside and outside of our full-service firm. When a difficult or arcane issue arises and our team needs help, we make a quick phone call to a colleague on another service team who we know will quickly and efficiently provide a practical solution to the problem. Such collaboration comes naturally to all Carrington Coleman attorneys. It’s a key component of our culture.

Externally, our attorneys also draw on the knowledge and skill sets of professionals in a wide range of industries across the country, such as investors, bankers, accountants, and wealth management experts. One way we expand our network comes through the service we perform as board members and chairs of such groups as the Dallas Bar Association’s Entertainment, Art and Sports Law Section and the Sports Lawyers Association. Consequently, one of the many reasons relationships are so important to us: Our professional connections add value for you.

Assembling the Right Team

Our lawyers fully understand the experience, capabilities, and personalities of all our attorneys so we can match you with the right team members. It also enables us to assign a mid-level associate, for example, to handle a particular task of your matter rather than a partner. This means you receive high-quality service at reasonable rates. Our attorneys always place a premium on identifying and applying efficiencies within our operational model.

How We Work

Listen First, Act Later. Whether you’re an athlete concerned about protecting your brand, or the leader of an investment firm looking to acquire a sports franchise or another player in the sports industry, we want to hear from you when we first meet. You explain your needs; we listen. Our team will learn about your vision and challenges and then dig deeper to unearth the background of those goals and concerns. Together with you, we craft the appropriate strategy to help you meet your goals.

Fingers on the Pulse. To stay fully abreast of the ever-evolving sports landscape, our attorneys closely track trends, regulations, and innovations. For example, we are one of the few firms that understand the ins and outs of virtual tokens and blockchain technology. Our extensive experience and deep knowledge in blockchain includes cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets, and smart contracts.

On the horizon, we fully expect the legalization of sports gambling to materialize across the country, which will continue to change sports and related industries.  

Primary Contacts

Areas of Focus

Our lawyers can serve you in a wide range of sports law and related matters, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Contract disputes
  • Transactions and other corporate matters
  • Virtual Tokens and Blockchain Technology including NFTs and digital assets
  • Wealth management
  • Intellectual property involving privacy, data security, social media, domain names, and other issues
  • Employment concerns such as non-compete agreements, wage-and-hour disputes, discrimination, EEOC and OSHA issues, remote working, sexual harassment, and other workplace issues
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Brand, image, and likeness protection
  • Sports sponsorships and endorsements
  • Arena naming rights
  • Tax matters
  • Trusts and Estates

Significant Matters

  • Represented professional hockey league in long term disability plan in claim regarding whether former league player had career ending physical impairment that qualified for benefits under the plan.
  • Represented NFL players in various matters.
  • Represented NBA college basketball coaches in contract disputes.
  • Represented SMU wide receiver after NCAA gave SMU death penalty sanctions.
  • Represented book publisher who was pulled into dispute over book and feud between college coach and former college athlete.
  • Represented formula 1 racetrack in dispute with state government
  • Represented Energy Company in NHL team’s bankruptcy.
  • Experience with NCAA infractions/compliance work and NCAA investigations.