Whether you treat patients on the front lines or lead your health organization from the C-suite, you perform an important role in delivering health care to countless patients. You work tirelessly serving those in your care, developing better health care delivery systems, and improving patient outcomes. Yet you also face unprecedented challenges and change. While we’ve never before experienced such sweeping transformation in this crucial service sector, we’ve also never seen such promising opportunities. Drawing on our seen-it-all experience, well-regarded knowledge base, and heartfelt dedication, our lawyers can assist you in meeting the challenges, adapting to change, and seizing opportunities. We feel honored to help you help others.

At Carrington Coleman, our team fully understands that health care professionals must confront a wide array of concerns in today’s fast-paced world. Growing demand, ever-evolving regulations, heightened government scrutiny, and increased litigation are just a few of the many realities you encounter. We collaborate with you to make the right adjustments, at the right time, to maximize your opportunities, while also mitigating potential risks. We make it a priority to position you for success.

All-In for You with All-Inclusive Service

Our deep bench of attorneys brings diverse skill sets and relies on both our institutional knowledge and innovative strategies to serve all of your needs. This combination of strengths enhances our ability to provide representation and counseling on litigation, transactional, and state and federal regulatory compliance matters, among others.

Often these skills and areas-of-need overlap. For example, if you come to us for help with a transaction, we’ll use our compliance knowledge to review the prospective deal for potential Anti-Kickback, Stark Law, and other violations. And, our litigation experience enables us to identify possible future problems and take the necessary steps to avoid trouble down the road. This convergence of legal perspectives pays you dividends.

With more than a half-century of serving health care clients, we also advise you on your general operational concerns such as employment, licensing, and many other issues. Additionally, our team can see your vision. We’ll happily and candidly offer counsel on ideas you have in advancing and implementing trailblazing improvements in the delivery of health care and quality outcomes while differentiating you from the crowded health care industry.

Extensive Client Base = Broad Knowledge Base

Because our attorneys serve nearly every type of business in the health care industry, we build upon our foundation of expertise every day. This expands our perspectives and augments our capacity to help you. That is, issues and solutions intersect across the health care disciplines, allowing one client matter to inform another. We counsel and represent tertiary care teaching hospitals, solo practitioner physicians, nurses, chiropractors, for profit and not-for-profit hospitals and hospital systems, pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centers, and medical device manufacturers. Additionally, provider and physician organizations, long-term care facilities, and hospices turn to us for guidance, as do home health agencies, health insurers, third-party administrators, tax-exempt health care-oriented foundations, and other individuals and organizations.

How We Work – Gaining a Holistic View, Serving You Efficiently

When you first come to us, we want you to do most of the talking. That is, because every organization is unique, we ask questions and listen to you closely to understand both the big-picture perspective and the nuanced details of your needs. Our team also takes the same wide-angle lens and magnifying glass views of your business. We want to get to know you. The better we do, the better we can serve you. We constantly monitor the health care landscape to stay current with recent legal and business developments in the health care industry.

Our team comprises well-rounded attorneys who have specific specialties but also broader experience. From within our health care group, we can handle virtually any health care issue that crops up. For your other needs, we have subject matter specialists throughout our firm to help serve and advise you in trademark and patent protection, employee relations, employer-sponsored retirement plans (ERISA), financing, taxation, and administrative law. Collaboration is embedded in our DNA. This cooperative, firm-wide teamwork allows us to match the right lawyers to your matter and staff leaner than most large national firms. Often we can produce optimum outcomes for you with one or two lawyers with the precise multi-skill sets when the other firm deploys many more lawyers, each of whom can only perform a small piece of the work. Our approach enhances efficient client service.

Doctor Challenged by the Government

Client Issue: An MRI Center closed a sale while represented by other legal counsel. Unfortunately, as part of the sale, the MRI Center agreed to perform certain activities that unknowingly violated their obligations under their agreements with various insurance providers. They were faced with loosing their key insurance providers or defending an expensive lawsuit they would likely loose.

Approach: We were able to identify a third option which allowed them to avoid litigation while maintaining their vital relationships with their insurance providers.

Areas of Focus

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Our lawyers fully understand this all-important and ever-expanding area. We advise you on a wide range of matters, including but limited to the collection, storage, and transmission of sensitive data under various state and federal laws. We also assist you with compliance matters, internal investigations, and litigation relating to data privacy and security.

Counseling & Peer Review

Perhaps no other profession is as heavily regulated as health care – and compliance is critical. But often it’s difficult to know how best to comply with the ever-evolving often complex rules and requirements. Because we stay abreast of all regulatory changes even before they manifest, we help you stay on track.

General Litigation

Litigation serves as a cornerstone practice of our law firm, and it always has. Recognized across the legal profession for our litigators’ skills, strategies, and success, our team deftly handles any type of dispute that arises in the health care arena. We’ve got you covered.

Health Care Transactions, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Our attorneys walk you through every stage of a transaction. That includes advising at the front end, negotiating the terms, drafting all the necessary documents, and performing all the other work required to close the deal. We represent you in mergers, acquisition, affiliations, and joint ventures as well as stock transactions and asset purchases.

Licensing Board Complaints and Investigations

In addition to helping you with Medicare matters, we also represent you through CMS audits, Civil Investigative Demands, False Claims Act, and other investigations and prosecutions.

Medical Malpractice

We know you have a lot at stake in malpractice cases: your money, of course, but also your hard-earned and well-deserved reputation. In representing you, we draw on our extensive experience handling the media coverage and other consequences that often surface from this litigation.

Regulatory Compliance

From HIPAA to EMTALA, our lawyers understand the importance of complying with regulations and having up-to-date policies and procedures in place. We counsel you on matters involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse, the HITECH Act, Stark Law, Anti-Kickback statute, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, among others.