Artificial Intelligence is transforming society. AI has the potential to provide competitive advantages to organizations that use it ethically and effectively. It promises to improve people’s lives and drive inclusive economic growth that betters our world.

At Carrington Coleman, we understand the importance of responsible AI governance. We’re committed to helping our clients develop and leverage AI technologies while ensuring ethical use and legal compliance, protecting your and your customers’ intellectual property and business processes, and mitigating legal risks.

Our AI team includes attorneys who understand the challenges faced by your organization. We have the knowledge and experience to not only help you implement AI governance policies using industry-accepted frameworks and best practices, but also help you develop AI technologies that comply with those best practices.

Our team offers diverse legal and industry experience including intellectual property, employment, corporate governance, consumer protection, securities, healthcare, fintech, and more.

Areas of Focus

Strategic Compliance Consultation

We provide guidance to align your AI strategies with current laws and regulations, including data protection and privacy laws and consumer protection standards.

Risk Management in AI Adoption

Identifying and mitigating legal risks associated with AI technology is crucial. We assess potential legal vulnerabilities in your use of AI or in connection with your AI products, from ethical implications to liability issues, and devise strategies to mitigate these risks before they become problems.

AI Implementation Strategies

Our advisory services extend to helping your business implement AI responsibly. We guide you through the legal considerations of deploying AI technologies, including due diligence, AI-specific contract drafting, and negotiations, ensuring that your contracts protect your interests and facilitate compliance.

Data Governance and Intellectual Property

As your company develops and adopts AI, managing the data it uses and generates becomes has paramount importance. We advise on data governance frameworks that comply with stringent data protection laws and help in crafting intellectual property strategies that protect your AI innovations.