As the preeminent art law firm in Texas, we provide a deep bench of knowledgeable attorneys who will skillfully guide you in legal and business matters relating to specific works of art, collections, and the art market. No other firm in Texas advises on the full spectrum of issues that we routinely handle in this often byzantine area of law.

Serving individuals and organizations throughout Texas, across the nation, and around the world, our team comprises lawyers with their own unique strengths in the world of art. That makes us uniquely adept at resolving conflicts and problems stemming from purchases, sales, valuations, authentications, inheritances, donations, regulatory compliance, theft, and damage to works, as well as art business formations and operations.

A Passion for Art + Advocacy

Our team’s broad experience, wide-ranging skills, and enthusiasm for the arts engender a great deal of trust in those we represent. We put your privacy needs first, employing discretion at all times and in all matters, large and small. Whether you need counsel in transactional, investment, intellectual property, business, tax, or trusts and estates matters, you’ll consult with a team who truly cares about you, your art, and your concerns.

Our attorneys love the arts. We put this value at the heart of everything we do. The firm’s art collection is our most cherished possession. Many of our lawyers are involved in the arts themselves, and express their interest through activities such as teaching at art schools, and volunteering for arts-based organizations. This engagement forges a strong connection to each arts-focused case and sets us apart in terms of our passion for and commitment to your issues.

How we work

With a knack for creative problem solving, our team will devise innovative strategies and options to address your problem in the most expedient and efficient way possible. Always conscious of budgets, we’ll work with you to find fee arrangements that align with your preferences.

We take the time to get to know our clients and their interests, which helps us best understand how to approach matters and staff them for optimal results. Our firm encompasses many talented lawyers in every major legal area who are available to lend their acumen to art-related legal cases when necessary. At the same time, we’ll always strive to delegate intelligently and keep cases as streamlined as possible, which helps keep your costs within your budget.

Primary Contacts

Areas of Focus


Unfortunately, fine art purchases frequently go awry, particularly in the online auction space. Our lawyers are here to help you rectify problems connected to misrepresentations of art in the marketplace.

Due diligence and pre-purchase counseling

Before you buy or bid upon a work, we can help you avoid missteps by arming you with knowledge on how to authenticate pieces and minimize risks.

Theft and fraud

The digital age has ushered in a new era of art theft by making it extremely easy for others to steal and appropriate art and images. We assist artists and owners seeking justice in the wake of these crimes.

Insurance claims

When art gets damaged or stolen, we work to ensure that insurance companies provide proper compensation for losses.

Dispute resolution and litigation

When art-related conflicts arise, our team advocates vigorously for your best interests.

Trust, estate, probate, and tax matters

Wills, inheritances, and donations of artwork can raise a myriad of issues. We’ll help you navigate any questions, disagreements, or lawsuits caused by wealth transfers.

Commercial ventures

If you own an art-related business or are considering starting one, our lawyers will lend their business and legal acumen to your project.

Regulatory compliance

Our attorneys can advise you on federal regulations including the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 and the National Defense Authorization Act for 2021, which included language requiring art and antiquities dealers to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act.


The art world has traditionally relied on undocumented transactions, which can lead to a host of problems and disputes. We can help you get things put in writing or resolve complications resulting from “handshake-only” deals.