Tax Planning

While we always have one or two tax disputes ongoing at any time with the IRS, most of our tax practice involves client business transactions and the intricacies of the income tax laws and the estate and gift tax laws. From the structure of the business entity at formation to tax issues related to employees and employee benefits to planning various types of business transactions, we advise clients on how to minimize taxes while keeping in mind the practical reality that the client foremost wants to accomplish the business transaction. Taxes can significantly affect the economics of a transaction and the lawyers here at Carrington Coleman understand how best to traverse the tax minefield to get our clients the most favorable tax result. We regularly help our clients plan a family wealth transfer, advising them of the impact of the tax laws on family considerations and suggesting alternatives that will result in lowering the tax liability associated with the transaction.

Practicing Attorneys

  • imgCatherine Bright Haws
  • imgBruce Hendrick
  • imgKylie T. Jennings
  • imgMichael Peterson