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International Law

Business today, whether a large company or small, is often transacted in the international market and requires access to business professionals around the world for their local expertise. The internet has made global business easier for the consumer as well as businesses. A business, however, still faces the complications of cross-border transactions and litigation that require both intimate knowledge of local, regional, and national law, and access to professionals who can ensure the success of an enterprise in the global market.

Carrington Coleman does business on behalf of a number of global clients, as well   as local and regional clients that do business internationally. A key tool in our international practice is our affiliation with Multilaw.


Multilaw is an association of law firms in key cities and countries around the world. The association was formed in 1990, on the self-avowed premise “that a number of carefully selected independent law firms can work together to fulfill clients’ international needs.” Multilaw has earned “Elite” status with Chambers Global, a worldwide professional organization that researches and independently ranks law firms and law firm organizations.

Multilaw does not aspire to be the largest global legal network; its goal is to be the most trusted, based on selection criteria, due diligence applied to member applicants, and personal bonds formed through Multilaw events. Carrington Coleman is one of ninety Multilaw firms, with 10,000 lawyers in one hundred countries; Multilaw seeks the affiliation of general service commercial law firms. Among the firms with whom Carrington Coleman has recently worked, courtesy of Multilaw affiliations, are:

  • Jenny.Avvocati (Milan, Italy)
  • M-K Lawyers (Sydney, Australia)
  • Fairburn Catley Low & Kong (Hong Kong)
  • Lexincorp (San José, Costa Rica)
  • Lowndes Associates (Auckland, New Zealand)

In the context of offshore matters, through our professional relationships within the Multilaw organization, we are able to identify the best resources internationally, help clients resolve issues from routine employee immigration to complex M&A advisory issues, and provide responsive, accountable, English-speaking counsel on the ground in virtually every developed country, and (increasingly) many developing countries, in the world. The resource typically expands Carrington Coleman’s reach well beyond the Multilaw member firms themselves, with clients seeking local counsel in sub-jurisdictions where the principal Multilaw member firm assists our clients with thoughtful referrals. In the context of inbound referrals, Carrington Coleman assists offshore clients (most often through their principal outside counsel in Multilaw) with transactions, regulatory compliance, and litigation in the US.


Our international work has included clients from Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Mexico, and New Zealand, among others, and includes the full spectrum of our services:

  • Real Estate, Banking, and Oil and Gas Transactions
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Employment
  • Director and Officer Issues
  • Construction
  • Estates and Private Family Businesses

For more information specifically about Multilaw, please visit their website at www.multilaw.com.

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