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Banking & Finance

Financing is a way of life in Dallas with its historically robust banking, insurance, and private equity capacity. We assist clients in structuring and securing asset and mortgage based financing transactions. Our clients are as likely to be unregulated investment offices as commercial banks, and frequently put an entrepreneurial spin on finance. We understand the business goals of both and are adept at efficient staffing in our representation of lenders who have a protective eye on their borrower’s costs.

Practicing Attorneys

  • imgHayden M. Baker
  • imgBonnie C. Barksdale
  • imgDavid G. Drumm
  • imgTheodore R. Harrington
  • imgLaura E. Hebert
  • imgKylie T. Jennings
  • imgCharles C. Jordan
  • imgJason M. Katz
  • imgMichael Y. Lin
  • imgTyler C. Wright
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