Land Use

Texas development used to be about location (not to mention location). Location helps. But nowadays, the critical focus is on the public-private interface: how can cities, counties, and special districts help propel an idea and transform it into a successful and politically palatable development?  And, in contrast, how does a developer or investor address land use limitations in conceiving, pricing, financing, and executing a successful development in a competitive market? The public-private tension is omnipresent and, on occasion, erupts into land use disputes as well. We have a deep well of experience in litigating land use controversies: zoning, private land use restrictions, transportation snarls, and every other conceivable friction that develops over land use.

Practicing Attorneys

  • imgBonnie C. Barksdale
  • imgNeil R. Burger
  • imgDavid G. Drumm
  • imgMichael Y. Lin
  • imgMarc A. Myrin