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Professional Liability

When lawyers and other professionals need counsel, they turn to Carrington Coleman. We’re proud that some of the biggest and most notable law firms in Texas and across the country trust Carrington Coleman to defend them in legal malpractice actions, disqualification and sanctions proceedings, and to navigate the bankruptcies of their former clients. Other professionals, such as doctors, accountants, insurance professionals, and business executives also put their trust in Carrington Coleman when their professional reputations and livelihoods are at stake.

When a professional is sued for malpractice or other alleged errors or omissions, it’s not just about money. It’s personal. It’s about questioning the professional’s judgment and loyalty to his or her client, or patient, or company. We understand that. And we understand how to defend those claims in a way that protects our clients and allows them to put the problem in our hands so they can stay focused on their profession.

Practicing Attorneys

  • imgBruce W. Collins
  • imgLance Currie
  • imgMonica W. Latin
  • imgRichard A. Rohan
  • imgJ. Michael Sutherland