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Discrimination & Retaliation

An accusation of unlawful discrimination or retaliation is personal. Today’s employers are mindful of avoiding discrimination and retaliation in the workplace, and we understand that an allegation that a legitimate employment action had an unlawful motive can strike at the core of an employer’s value system. Our lawyers are experienced in handling cases under anti-discriminatory statutes such as Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Section 1983, and the state versions of these claims. We also handle all varieties of “whistleblower” cases. We know how to efficiently drill down the issues to draw the line between the employee’s perception and reality. And we know how to communicate the difference to a court or jury.

Our experience is that clever plaintiff’s attorneys pepper discrimination and retaliation lawsuits with a variety of additional claims in the hope of creating individual liability and driving up costs. Claims for negligent hiring or training, assault and battery, or invasion of privacy are often found in employment litigation, and we are well versed in these matters. We are skilled at weeding through pleadings to eliminate these claims when appropriate and refocus the litigation on the main issue, rather than fluff.

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