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Diversity has been an important part of Carrington Coleman’s culture since its beginning, starting with the Firm being one of the very first firms in Dallas to hire women attorneys in the 1970s.  We remain committed to the goal of strengthening our diversity and inclusion through recruiting and sponsoring women and people of color.

We have a diversity and inclusion policy in place that was promulgated by our Executive Committee with the approval and support of the partnership.  Pursuant to that policy, we have an active Diversity & Inclusion Committee with membership at both the partner and associate levels that meets regularly.  The Committee is chaired by Lance Currie, and includes partners, associates, and staff.  All new lawyers receive training that includes communication of our diversity & inclusion policy.

Our Firm is committed to ensuring the policy is more than a piece of paper, and the support we offer women, people of color, and LGBTQ community members is reflected in the many accomplishments they have achieved, both internally and externally.  We have more work to do, but we are committed to creating a fair and equitable working environment for all who give of themselves to the firm.

In terms of hiring, we strive to find innovative and creative ways to expand our candidate pool of diverse students in connection with our recruiting efforts.  We have sent information about our Firm to affinity groups at more than 30 law schools, forwarding our recruiting information and encouraging members to forward their resumes to us for consideration for summer clerkship opportunities.  We have also participated in and interviewed at regional minority job fairs, including the Sunbelt Minority Job Fair.  On an occasional basis, we host a winter break reception for first year non-white law students, which provides us an opportunity to meet potential candidates who might otherwise not sign up to interview with us.

Once hired, we work to ensure that all attorneys, including women, people of color, and LGBQT community members are supported and encouraged to grow by participating actively on cases.  We want our attorneys and staff to feel part of the team on day one.  We also survey our associates twice a year to identify the experience they have attained during that period of time and to ensure that each obtains development opportunities and case responsibilities commensurate with her or his level.  It is our expectation that we are grooming each of our associates for eventual partnership, and we take seriously our responsibility to ensure their development.  We strive so that women, people of color, and LGBTQ community members in our Firm can continue to grow into the excellent attorneys that the legal community expects from our firm.

Further, we strive to sponsor women and people of color by helping provide opportunities and resources for developing and maintaining clients.  The Firm supports various women-to-women networking opportunities, including providing funding for women’s networking events.  Women are encouraged to join and have joined – with the firm’s monetary support – “women’s organizations” such as the Dallas Women’s Foundation, and Attorneys Serving the Community.  The Firm also encourages and pays the membership dues for any diverse lawyers wishing to join affinity bar associations such as the National Bar Association, Dallas Women Lawyer’s Association, Dallas Asian American Bar Association, Dallas Hispanic Bar Association, and the J. L. Turner Legal Association, and offers its wholehearted support for its attorneys who become involved in such bar activities.

Every member of the Firm accepts responsibility for and does his or her part to fulfill our Firm’s commitment to equity.  We want all of our lawyers and staff to feel that our Firm is a place where they are appreciated for the diverse talents and points of view that they bring to our team, and that they are treated with consideration and respect.