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East Texas is one area of the state that continues to experience tremendous business and legal growth. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas was one of the first courts to adopt local rules governing patent cases, and is now the busiest patent venue in the country. In 2015, more than 2,500 patent lawsuits were filed in three divisions of the Eastern District of Texas alone—Marshall, Tyler, and Texarkana. This was almost half of all patent cases filed in district courts nationwide in 2015. In addition to patent litigation, the range of established and emerging industries in East Texas give rise to a wide variety of other legal needs.

The Firm’s East Texas practice is both significant and permanent. Our attorneys have represented clients in patent, health care, and other litigation and transactional matters in East Texas for many years, and we reaffirmed our commitment to serving clients in the region when we opened our Longview, Texas office in 2014. Located in the ten-story Citizens National Bank Building in downtown Longview, the office provides the Firm with a permanent presence in the heart of East Texas. We are twenty five miles due west of Marshall, forty miles northeast of Tyler, and eighty miles south of Texarkana.

The principal partner in Longview is Rodney Lawson, who grew up in Longview and believes he never really left. Rodney’s practice is focused on litigation, health care, and oil & gas. In addition, while the Firm’s IP practice is based in our Dallas office, its patent litigators also operate out of our East Texas office. Our patent litigators have served as national counsel for some of the world’s leading technology companies in patent litigation matters in the federal courts in Marshall, Tyler, and Texarkana. The Firm’s East Texas office also provides an efficient platform for serving East Texas clients in real estate and other transactions, banking, tax, employment law, probate, and personal injury/product liability litigation.

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