Transportation and Infrastructure clients benefit from this group’s experience and understanding of all the considerations that go into planning and contracting for these very large projects. The breadth and depth of our representation of public entities, from negotiating agreements through dispute resolution, give us and our clients, the ability to see problems – and opportunities – from all angles.

There is simply no substitute for experience in this intricate, demanding field. Many years of practice, combined with involvement in a wide variety of large-scale projects, enable us to give both public and private owners the guidance and advice they need to effectively manage their projects. Large-scale construction projects are immensely complex. Our role is to provide representation and guidance throughout the lifecycle of the project, providing the client with support and direction in everything from handling the day-to-day disputes that inevitably arise to negotiation of the endless contracts involved.

Integrating Litigation and Strategy

In any major project, there will be disputes. Our goal is to prevent them whenever possible, and when they do arise, manage them quickly, proactively, and cost-effectively. For instance, by providing strategic guidance on a client’s approach to contracting, and their procurement methodology, we can help them avoid disputes. When things like claims, change orders and closeout issues arise, we work to resolve them quickly and dispositively before they become problematic. And of course, in the event litigation is unavoidable, our clients know we’re tough, aggressive, smart advocates.

A Public Entity Mired in Disputes

Client Issue: Carrington Coleman was brought in to represent a public entity with large, complex disputes over alleged design and construction errors.

Approach: We dug deep into the project records and partnered with engineers to help determine what went wrong during design and construction and how best to remedy the deficiencies with minimal impact on operations. We then distilled the claims down to a powerful, straightforward story at mediation and secured the funds needed for the best solution.

Outcome: Effective communication of the complex legal, factual, and technical issues resulted in a successful outcome for our client.

Primary Contacts

Areas of Focus

  • We counsel clients on procurement and construction contract negotiation.
  • We help with claims, change orders, disputes, and closeout-related issues that arise in the course of a project.
  • We represent clients in arbitrations and all kinds of disputes, including litigation, and the p/e internal claims process.
  • We coordinate the work of outside experts and consultants.
  • We work with clients to help them plan projects – design-build, or design and build-in contractors, or example.
  • We consult on contract delivery, and contract structure, helping clients make strategic decisions about their contracting approach and procurement methodology.