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Technology, Software & Telecommunications

Our Technology, Software & Telecommunications team applies years of experience, expertise, and industry knowledge to every case. For individuals, startups, and multinational corporations, we provide the strategic advice needed to establish and protect our clients’ technological products, services and know-how.

We assist with development, purchase, sale, and distribution; create and defend technology licensing and service contracts, and trade secrets; and negotiate vendor agreements and strategic alliances.

We handle lease negotiations, contract drafting, dealer agreements, and partnerships for software and hardware, and for virtual and actual real estate. Our representation extends to licensors, licensees, developers, sellers and buyers.  We cover the full range of telecommunications services – voice, video, data, cable, satellite, wireless, and broadband.

Being on the front lines of the industry keeps us up-to-date with the latest international regulations and anti-piracy strategies. We help clients establish disaster recovery and backup systems to ensure protection of their corporate and intellectual property.  Clients also turn to us to remove the headaches of labor and employment concerns, immigration issues, and noncompete agreements involving their IT workers.

Some IT cases become mired in complex litigation. At Carrington Coleman, our team is quick to grasp new technologies, simplify complex technical issues for judges and juries, and ensure our clients’ matters are handled in the most efficient way possible.