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Private Equity / Investment

At Carrington Coleman, we help our Private Equity clients make deals happen.

And we do it in a way that’s fundamentally different from that of other firms. It’s this simple: our senior attorneys are involved in every Private Equity case.

You heard it right. Everybody on your team will be a top-notch lawyer; you won’t get a blend of ability levels. No one is new to the game; no one is being trained on your dime. The person you entrusted with your case will work on your case.

The active and direct involvement of Carrington’s top partners provides our clients with extremely focused, efficient and comprehensive advice on a wide range of Private Equity issues, including public and private offerings, strategic partnerships, bridge financings, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, PIPES, recapitalizations, buyouts, and workouts. We guide clients, including family offices, through IPOs, dispositions, and liquidations. We help our clients structure their funds and handle compliance and regulatory issues.

Whenever necessary, we bring the firm’s broader transactional experience to bear. We have immediate access to our partners’ industry-specific knowledge, for example, in the areas of oil & gas and real estate, to ensure our clients’ funds not only operate optimally but also increase their portfolios’ value. We also have the experience and gravitas to help explain portfolio enhancement strategies to investors.

We protect the confidentiality of our clients and their transactions and have the bandwidth and expertise required to handle not only the formation and representation of funds and all the related tasks listed above, but also the various and often challenging administrative issues associated with the operation and management of portfolio companies.