One of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic is also arguably the most resilient and beloved—hospitality is where the world turns, whether seeking solace or celebrating successes. Generation by generation, we are witnessing a new hunger for meaningful experiences, thus our lawyers see opportunities for your growth and reinvention. With our deep experience, connections, and passionate commitment to these companies, let us help you see the possibilities and help you soar in this vibrant and ever-evolving space.

Companies in the hospitality, food and beverage spaces have always faced challenges—including narrow margins, fierce competition and the management of large workforces. As such, they require legal counsel who understand applicable business dynamics, and who approach each individual issue in a critical industry context. We understand that the ownership, leasing, construction, operation and management of your restaurant and hotel space is not simply a matter to be handled in a vacuum, but a hospitality matter with numerous special and subtle considerations. At Carrington Coleman, we understand the distinction, and it makes all the difference for our clients.

Fully and passionately serving this industry

Whatever the issue—and whether our client is a national retailer dealing with employment or compliance issues, a hotel owner filing for bankruptcy, two brothers fighting over ownership of the family grocery store, or a restaurant defending personal injury claims alleging food contamination and foodborne illnesses—we’ve seen it all and can handle it skillfully and efficiently. We have particular skill in the acquisition and/or disposition of either individual restaurant or hotel units or restaurant groups/hotel companies, and in helping clients develop markets and expand their existing brand in a way that affords them maximum control and flexibility. This includes financing and private equity transactions, all real estate aspects including leasing, acquisition or sale, permitting, franchising, and all transfers or operational aspects related to assets, leases, and licenses (including liquor licenses, which are heavily regulated by the individual states on issues pertaining to storage, transportation, and service). We have also successfully represented national restaurant chains in the defense of personal injury claims alleging food contamination and foodborne illnesses.

A healthy new appetite

The pandemic caused a severe contraction in the hospitality industry —both in terms of the number of units able to continue operating, and the menu items practically able to be served. However, as the industry shrank, the appetite and appreciation for new and different venues grew exponentially. Certain pandemic-related measures—such as enhanced online ordering, “ghost” kitchens, delivery and easier “curbside” pick-up, and the availability of alcohol-to-go—proved to be so popular that many of these “alternative” operations may be here to stay. 

In the coming years, we believe we will see a continuing explosion of interest in new hospitality endeavors, hotels, restaurants and, above all, experiences. This will comprise both a growth in individual units, and an expansion of creative concepts that go well beyond cuisine. And we stand ready to help you navigate and fulfill the potential in it all.

Tirelessly advocating for you

Our two hospitality group leaders, collectively, have more than 60 years’ experience representing clients in this space. And while we’re talking timelines, we know that you work 365 days a year—which means that we do, too.

Clients count on us to be not only responsive, but also resourceful—with an unparalleled collection of state and national contacts involved in all aspects of your industry. We have curated and carefully nurtured these relationships over the course of almost two decades of involvement with the Dallas, Texas and National restaurant associations. Carrington Coleman also regularly leads state lobbying groups in Austin, Texas and Washington, DC. We do this because of our love of the industry, and because we love to help make your lives easier.

Primary Contacts

Areas of Focus


We can help you avoid mistakes on, and strategically structure, all applicable licenses, including your liquor license.

Corporate Matters

Clients regularly count on us to guide them through all aspects of buying, developing, managing and selling hospitality holdings, including complex asset and license transfers and franchising issues.

Real Estate and Construction

We work hand-in-hand with our colleagues in these practice areas who are also on our industry team, to enable us to handle the full range of your legal real estate and construction needs, including leases and entitlements.


Unique workforce issues related to hospitality employee rights and responsibilities, employment policies, and civil rights and discrimination are too important to entrust to someone who doesn’t have experience in this space. Reach out today.


Whether with suppliers, vendors, or even your employees, most business is conducted via written contracts, and can determine not only your profits or losses, but also your potential liabilities. Before you sign on the dotted line, drop us a line.

Money Matters

We can assist you with the legal aspects of financing, the operation of your business, the acquisition of assets and inventory as well as various operational issues such as third-party financing and tax issues.


The hospitality field is hard enough. Let us help you stay on the right side of all applicable regulations, including those that pertain to data privacy, employee rights and discrimination, and health and safety, including food contamination and food-borne illness claims.

Crisis Handling and Preparation

We all read the headlines and know that public spaces may be at risk for closing due to property damage caused by fire, floods or civil unrest, or more targeted crises such as gun violence in and around your properties. We can help you prepare for all of it.