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Health Care

Besides doctors, nurses and hospital staff, few people know their way around the healthcare industry like the attorneys at Carrington Coleman.

As trusted counselors to many healthcare organizations, we have litigated almost every kind of dispute—for patients, providers, and payors.

The truth is, the day-to-day management of hospitals and doctors’ offices can create unique legal challenges. Issues with patients can be delicate, but so can employment and credentialing matters.

Our attorneys help doctors and hospital groups with real estate and lease issues, including assisting investor groups with structuring deals involving doctors and laboratory businesses and nursing centers. In smaller communities, we have been involved in antitrust and covenant not to compete issues between doctors and hospitals  as well as physician groups.

Besides those directly in the healthcare industry, another area where our attorneys have a successful track record is representing payors—insurance companies and recovery contractors—in collecting overpayments.

Carrington Coleman’s attorneys also know the ins and outs of the laws and regulations meant to protect the public:

  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse
  • HITECH Act
  • Tax-exempt issues
  • Stark Law
  •  Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Institutional review
  • Environmental cases
  • National Practitioner Database

These rules and regulations are in place because legal issues in the healthcare industry are not to be taken lightly. Not only may reputations and public confidence be at stake, but lives may be on the line as well.

It’s this expertise in all aspects of the law affecting health care, including the litany of regulations surrounding the industry, that leads healthcare clients to look to us when they need intelligent, insightful guidance and representation.