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Family Office

Families with significant wealth turn to Carrington Coleman.

As one’s assets grow, they require more management. The attorneys in our Family Office team steer our clients and their holdings through whatever comes their way.

We have been doing this a very long time, and appreciate the importance of stewardship goals, family dynamics, and the strengths of individual family members, not to mention the family hierarchy. Serving both classic family-operated businesses and investment offices, we understand the difference between short and long-term goals and structure our advice accordingly.

Though heavily weighted toward transactions, the preparation of documents, and the establishment of business entities and investment vehicles, we provide our Family Office clients with whatever legal assistance they require. This may include development of effective tax strategies, setting up appropriate philanthropic opportunities, establishing trusts and foundations, the handling of disputes, probate challenges, employment of non-family members, and breach of fiduciary duty allegations. Attorneys from our Oil & Gas, Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and other groups step in whenever necessary to provide our Family Office clients with seamless service.

We have the legal knowledge and experience our Family Office clients need, but sometimes they also ask us to delve into and understand what motivates individual family members and help sort out important differences. We have the tact and sensitivity to help unravel difficult situations and enable them to meet their goals, thus strengthening and preserving their legacy.

Some of our Family Office clients have been with us for more than 30 years. This, more than any other area of law, is all about relationships; we are honored to have served multiple generations of some of the most dynamic and influential families in Texas and across the country.