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Commercial Real Estate

Texas is one of the most active places in the country for construction and real estate transactions. Carrington Coleman’s attorneys have deep roots here, understand the market, and have been providing clients with the assistance they need to close these deals for over 40 years.

We have the sophistication and expertise required to handle $200 million commercial real estate projects, but also the leanness and agility to efficiently manage $1 million loan packages. We know how to staff and scale deals, no matter their size.

Our clients include investors, mortgage lenders, bankers, developers, family investment groups, and service providers. Their projects include offices, residential developments, master-planned communities, hotels, industrial buildings, farm and ranch properties, and raw land. Each of these types of ventures has its own vocabulary, economic structure, and profit expectations. We help clients procure capital, provide insight through layers of technical jargon, and ensure all documentation, negotiations, closings, and contract disputes are handled with adroitness and integrity.

Real estate investment does not involve just asset acquisition; it touches on a wide range of disciplines, including environmental compliance, syndications, debt restructuring, mechanics liens, the evaluation of distressed assets, non-simultaneous tax-deferred exchanges, long-term ground leasing transactions, and interest rate hedge strategies.

At Carrington Coleman, we have seen it all. We know when a deal is risky and counsel our clients accordingly. There is an advantage to being seasoned. Just ask our clients.