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Flight depends on a complicated system of aerodynamics and mechanics working together to keep a body aloft. Similarly, many interconnected systems, departments, and institutions must work in tandem for the aviation industry to thrive.

At Carrington Coleman, our attorneys’ aviation industry experience extends across the firm’s transactional and litigation practice areas.

Clients we’ve represented in aviation matters include the City of Dallas, an airport board, one of the country’s largest airlines, and airplane and related equipment manufacturers.

We have helped airport owners, airlines, contractors, and manufacturers with disputes related to baggage handling and other airport systems, terminal construction, aircraft parking, fuel farms, and insurance coverage and indemnity agreements.

Some other matters we have handled for the aviation industry have involved:

  • Loan documentation and lien perfection issues
  • Federal preemption
  • National and international tariff regulations
  • FAA and state regulations
  • Asset-based lending arrangements
  • Leasing and loan transactions
  • Creation of international interests under the Capetown Convention
  • Credit structure
  • Collateral priorities
  • Security interest priorities
  • Aftermarket parts liquidation arrangements
  • Structuring of intercreditor arrangements
  • Discrimination/retaliation litigation
  • Compliance issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act

With so many matters across a variety of practice areas, our attorneys rely on teamwork and smart, strategic representation to achieve results that our aviation clients appreciate. Like the industry and flight itself, our seamless communication across practice areas helps keep our clients aloft.