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Enhancing the significance of our clients’ work.

Evolving, innovating, and creating in the context of complex litigation and transactions are what our lawyers do every day. Inspired by the vision, power and reach of our clients, we are known to out-maneuver others and work closely with in-house counsel and other business leaders to accomplish their goals and enhance the significance of their work.

Since the launch of our firm in 1970, Carrington Coleman’s culture has been shaped by the clients whose problems we help solve and whose deals we close. Quickly realizing that our relevance depends on our ability to foresee potential hurdles, anticipate risks, turn up the volume when necessary, and smoothly navigate turbulence, our concierge-style service and work ethic are even more sought-after today.

Clients confide in us beyond the legal issues at hand. Fostering a more holistic relationship built on collaboration, mutual understanding, and trust, we understand that the right answers and strategies often fall outside the realm of “every day.” This requires more than smart thinking – it requires cleverness and confidence even when what our client is encountering is in “never-seen-it-before” territory.

This is how we work. And we engage with clients as they need us in Texas, across the U.S. and throughout the world. Let us help you enhance your significance.

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